Excited to Release my First E-book

Dear Ones, It is with great joy I announce the release of my first e-book Sola Scriptura with Christ, which is now available on Amazon for purchase. This book is a thirty-day Christian Devotional book. It is available for free download for a very limited time. Below are the steps to download the book from... Continue Reading →

Dream Come True!

Dear Readers, God always honors the desires of your heart, you may forget what you want in your life but he always keeps a note of what you love to do. It was my dream since childhood to be a writer. I knew not how this would happen. I would occasionally write for my school... Continue Reading →

When I

"When I" When I fall at his feet, He lifts me up.   When I am standing like zero, He makes me Hero . When I am down to nothing, He is up to something. When I make it a mess, He gives his Grace. When I feel broken, He makes me brand new. When... Continue Reading →

Returning Back!

What is your struggle in life today? Is there something in your life that makes you feel that it is impossible to return back to your old self. Have you lost the connection that you earlier had with GOD? Are you buried in guilt because of your sins? Have you tried to give up your... Continue Reading →

Be Courageous

This article is in continuation with my previous two articles. BE ON YOUR GUARD,  STAY FIRM IN FAITH Passage: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14Be on your GUARD, Stay firm in FAITH, BE COURAGEOUS, BE STRONG. Do everything in LOVE. What comes to our mind when we think of the word courage? Is to stand against all the odds?... Continue Reading →


Part II This is in continuation with my previous blog BE ON YOUR GUARD How simple these words seem to us "STAY FIRM IN FAITH" but at the same time how difficult it is for us to stay rooted in Faith. Standing firm in our faith is no matter what the cost. When I was in... Continue Reading →


This is going to be a series blog as I realised that I won't be able to pen down everything into a single blog. I will be breaking this passage into five series. Main Passage: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 Be on your GUARD, Stay firm in FAITH, BE COURAGEOUS, BE STRONG. Do everything in LOVE. We... Continue Reading →

Question to Self ?

This Sunday I got to hear a wonderful testimony from one of our sister in church. This testimony is of her friend's which she has shared below in her own words. I hope this encourages you. QUESTION TO SELF ? Being rejected and denied, It feels lost and broken.... Then  I seek God at every... Continue Reading →

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