Non-Refundable Flight Ticket was fully Refunded

It was three years since I had last visited my native place which was due to many unavoidable reasons. So as this year began we as a family made a plan that this summer we would all spend some time together with all our relatives back in our native place. Now since I didn’t have much leave approved from my organization it was decided that only I would return back by flight after a week. So in the month of Jan’2016, I booked my return flight but before booking, I had a word of prayer. This is what I prayed “Lord I am booking this flight though I don’t have much money and this ticket says that its  “Non-Refundable”, let this ticket be booked only if it is your will”, saying so I proceeded further and booked my tickets. I got a confirmation email that my ticket was booked. Amen 🙂

Now I knew that this year we would be going to my native place for sure. But I didn’t know about God’s marvelous plan for me. Dad went further and booked train tickets for all us. Things were all so fine and perfect. But then by mid of Feb, I got the offer letter from the current organization that I am working. Even that’s a Testimony which I will be sharing in the coming days. I got the joining date as 16th May 2016 but we had booked our train tickets to depart on 15th May’16. Our plans got canceled as I had to join my new organization. Dad canceled the train tickets for which a certain amount was deducted as cancellation fee and we got the remaining amount.

Now I was worried about my flight tickets, it was clearly mentioned that the Tickets were Non-Refundable. One Sunday as I was worshiping the Lord, I prayed, saying, Lord I know that this ticket is Non-Refundable, but though it seems impossible and unrealistic to ask, I believe in you and for you nothing is impossible. I just want the refund of half the fare I paid for the flight ticket. After Praying I returned home without any burden in my heart.

Next day as I was waiting for my company transport I got a message notification. This is what it read,

“Dear Guest, We regret to inform you that 9W2612/25May16 from COK to BLR is canceled. For refund please contact the issuing agent or call us on 39893333”

I was spellbound reading this text message, my joy knew no bounds. To confirm this I called up the airlines and asked them about this status and they confirmed the same. I inquired about the refund and asked if they would be deducting any amount as service charge or something like that. Trust me friends, not a penny was deducted I received a full refund for a Non-Refundable Flight Ticket.

All I asked God was, for just half the fare for which I paid, but God gave me the full refund that too which was Non-Refundable. He answered my prayers by canceling the flight. This is how God works in our lives in the most unexpected ways.

Stay Blessed!!

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God Bless You!

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